Hello, world!

Something for our present Verblendungszusammenhang?  Tell me more!

This is the Waltham Review, founded August 24, 2016.  Please email questions or proposals to us at walthamreview@gmail.com.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Waltham Review is Daniel Bergstresser, a professor at Brandeis University, in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Bergstresser teaches economics and finance, with a particular focus on municipal bond markets.  You can find a description of his non-Waltham Review activities at http://people.brandeis.edu/~dberg.

The term “Verblendungszusammenhang” is German; our translation of it would be “general context of blind or deluded passivity.”  The term comes from Adorno and Horkheimer’s book The Dialectic of Enlightenment.  The context for the use of this term is their description of a state of political passivity that can induced by a pervasive “culture industry.”

The mission of the Waltham Review: to be “A balm and a diversion for our present Verblendungszusammenhang!”

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